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July 20, 2012 9:42 pm





Pitbulls are unpredictable. They enjoy harming people. I will never own a pit or be near one. Its not the owner its the animal. They are fighting dogs just like hunting dogs hunt without being trained they attack maim and slaughter its instinct.

PEOPLE PLEASE EDUCATE YOURSELVES!!! Pitbulls are not vicious. They are called nanny dogs for a reason, because you can trust them with your children if they are raised and trained properly. They have a trait, it’s called loyalty and the dogs who do attack are unfortunate enough to get an owner who abuses that loyalty. The dogs who are trained to fight, fight because that is what their owner wants and these dogs will do anything to please their owner even if that means fighting to their death. Did you know a Golden Retriever is more likely to bit than a pit bull? Please do the research before deciding that you don’t like a breed, it’s not the breed but the owners. ANY dog without discipline is likely to attack someone. If you didn’t know this either, pitbulls are America’s breed and that has gotta mean something.

hellyeahimmacountrygirl.tumblr……IT THE OWNER!!!! I had a pit bull ndd he was such a loving dog to the oiont that he was afraid of cats. it is all in the way the the owner raises the dog.

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